Vertu rides with Bentley for £10,700 limited edition smartphone


Vertu for Bentley handset first release as part of five year commercial partnership agreed in July with four more devices planned

Luxury handset manufacturer Vertu has released its first Bentley branded handset as part of the five year partnership it announced in July.

The hampshire-based manufacturer, sold by Nokia in June 2012 to current owners EQT, has created the Vertu for Bentley smartphone, which comes with quilted leather exterior and the Bentley logo, priced £10,700.

The handset is made from titanium which is shaped in an engine design and encased in ‘Bentley-inspired shade of Newbury Tan’ leather with diamond pattern on the back.

Features include a 4.7 inch touchscreen and weighs 192g.  It has a 2.3Ghz quad core  processor, a 13 mp camera and comes with 64Gb of internal storage, running on Android 4.4.

Buyers will also get access to several Vertu services including the Vertu concierge service, curated events as part of ‘Vertu Life’ and security services. There’s also an exclusive Bentley app that gives information about the car manufacturer including Bentley dealer details, “exclusive Bentley experiences” and bespoke wallpapers.

The handset is available from the Vertu website but is limited to 2,000 devices.