Exclusive: Apple Pay security “fundamentally” flawed


Fingerprint recognition technology is vulnerable to hacking

Apple’s forthcoming electronic payment system “Apple Pay” is vulnerable to hacking as it relies on devices that implement fingerprint technology which is not secure. So said Tarlok Teji, CEO of consultancy TickVantage.

Speaking at Mobile News’ first wearable technology conference  “Hype or Hope?”, Teji said fingerprint security technology is not fit for purpose. This is because a person’s fingerprint cannot be changed if their device’s security is compromised which could happen as people leave fingerprints on anything they touch.

“Using fingerprints in a digital world is a problem. Why have a ‘key’ which you can’t change and which you leave everywhere?”, he said.

“Fingerprint security relied on the device’s scanner scanning the fingerprint and transforming it into a series of “dots”. But a electronic payment system accepting fingerprints could only handle a maximum of 10,000 people. Beyond this number compromised the system due to ‘crossover’ of dots.”

Teji also said the forthcoming Apple Watch had fundamental flaws in its proposition.

“They are going into the luxury watch market. But people who buy luxury watches go for a luxury brand. They want an Ebel or a Rolex on their wrist”. He also criticised the functionality of the Apple Watch, saying that the need to scroll through various menus meant it was not ‘frictionless’ technology.

“It takes too long to get the information. You may as well just take your smartphone out of your pocket”.