Two fifths of iPhone 6 users have already damaged device


Poll of more than 2,000 adults finds more than half of those that have broken it have cracked or scratched the screen, while more than a third revealed they regretted buying Apple’s new premium mobile 

New research from has found42 per cent of British adults who have bought the iPhone 6 since its September 19 launch have already damaged it.

The poll, which quizzed 2,174 people over the age of 25 years, found more than half (54 per cent) of these people has cracked or scratched the screen.

This was followed by bending handset (48 per cent), water damage (41 per cent), damaged buttons (29 per cent) and software issues (18 per cent).

Furthermore, 37 per cent of all the respondents said they regretted buying an iPhone 6 and wished they had brought an alternative model or brand of phone.

Of this number, 39 per cent said they wished they had bought a Samsung Galaxy S5, followed by HTC One (M8) (27 per cent) and LG G3 (18 per cent).

The remaining 16 per cent was shared amongst a number of other devices, including Google’s Nexus 5, the Samsung Galaxy Alpha and Lumia 930, with two per cent stating they would prefer an older handset such as the Nokia 3310.

Matthew Wood of said: “The smartphones on offer today are packed with so much technological wizardry and functions that they are extremely delicate, so much so that you almost wish you could cover them in bubble wrap to avoid any damage, as accidents can happen at any time and mobile phones really are a lifeline nowadays.

“With so much media buzz and frenzy surrounding these big tech launches, many people will race to be one of the first owners of a new handset, without giving it time to see what bugs and issues there might be.  It’s always worth waiting that little bit longer to ensure you have made the right purchase than making a hasty decision and regretting it.”