Samsung speeds-up schedule for Galaxy S6 as profits slump


Sources close to the manufacturer claim the next device in its high-end range will arrive as early as Q1 2015 

Samsung is reportedly readying the release of its new flagship Galaxy S6 smartphone for as early as the first quarter of next year.

Sources close to the Korean manufacturer have said it is accelerating its plans for the Galaxy S6 following a drop in profits and declining sales of the Galaxy S5.

On October 7, in a preview of its earnings due out later last month, Samsung forecast that operating profit would be 4.1 trillion won (£2.4 billion).

This represented a 60 per cent fall from a year earlier and was to be the manufacturer’s lowest quarterly profit in more than three years.

One source said: “Samsung has slipped down the pecking order. The Galaxy Alpha was heralded as a smartphone with a premium feel but it’s just not been good enough.

“The Galaxy S6 is definitely coming in Q1 of next year. The Galaxy S5 appears to be struggling because £100 has been knocked off its price.

“When that starts happening, it’s no surprise the Galaxy S6 is being released early.”

Samsung declined to comment.

According to the most recent figures from analyst firm IDC, Samsung’s global smartphone market share had fallen from 32.2 per cent in Q2 last year to 24.9 per cent in the same three-months this year.

A release of the Galaxy S6 between January and March next year would represent an early launch for Samsung’s flagship smartphone.

The Galaxy S5 and S4 have both been released in April, of 2014 and 2013 respectively, while the Galaxy S3 was released in May 2012.