“Wearables are a marketeer’s dream” says leading analyst


Industry urged to take advantage of the technology, with awareness of smartwatches and fitness trackers growing by more than 10 per cent from last year

CCS Insight chief of research Ben Wood has described wearable technology as a marketeer’s dream – given its level of awareness in the market.

Wood (pictured), who chaired the Mobile News event, discussed recent CCS research on the subject, which showed awareness around smartwatches in the UK increased from 62 per cent in 2013 to 75 per cent this year, whilst fitness trackers went from 64 per cent to 76 per cent.

“It really is a marketeer’s dream when looking at the awareness – this has got to be an opportunity,” said Wood.

According to figures released by GfK this month, sales of wearables topped 420,000 this year to August – valued at around £51 million. And 39 per cent of UK sales have been on health and fitness trackers – such as Jawbone UP and FitBit.

But whilst awareness and sales are solid, concerns remain over sustained usage, with CCS research showing 26 per cent of owners forget to wear it, whilst 16 per cent said they were bored with it.

This is something Wood claims needs to be addressed quickly, or risk losing important reoccuring purchases, as is commonplace with mobile phones.

“The whole business in mobile is predicted on replace and demand. You buy a phone and you buy another one in 18 months or two years time. If you bought one and stuck it in a draw, you’re not going to rush out and buy another for a couple of hundred quid.”