‘Game-changing’ EE TV goes on sale at the operator’s stores


Set-top box offers more than 70 Freeview channels, as well as on-demand and catch-up services; customers are able to continue to watch programmes on their mobile or tablet

EE TV, the operator’s debut product in the set-top box sector, has gone on sale at the operator’s high street stores.

The product, worth £300, is free for all EE mobile customers who sign up to one of its broadband plans. Tariffs across an 18 month contracts, plus £15.75 a month line rental, start from £9.95 a month and include free weekend calls and unlimited broadband speeds of up to 17Mbps.

Ultra Fibre Broadband (up to 38Mbps) and Fibre Plus (up to 76Mbps) are available for £19.95 and £29.95 a month respectively.

Customers on existing EE mobile contracts who sign up to EE TV and home broadband will have their 4G data allowance boosted. A data boost of up to 10GB is available ion contracts from £14.99 a month, with a 20GB data boost available on plans from £43.99.

EE chief marketing officer Pippa Dunn said: “With EE TV, we have combined our expertise in mobile and home broadband to develop a game-changing home TV service that you can watch on your smartphone and tablet, as well as your telly.

“EE TV offers exceptional value for money, is simple to set up and use, and comes with market-leading features which really do allow customers to create a unique personal viewing experience.”

EE TV, which had been planned for a year, was launched at the operator’s headquarters in Paddington, London on October 8, with CEO Olaf Swantee telling Mobile News the operator was ready to “rock” the UK TV market.


It offers more than 70 Freeview channels, as well as on-demand, catch-up services, including more than 10,000 TV series and films, as well as major video apps, such as DailyMotion, YouTube, BBC iPlayer, Demand 5 and film and TV partner Wuaki.tv.

EE said further partners are confirmed for the service, and will be announced in the coming months. Internet applications including BBC Sport and BBC News and The Weather Network will also be available at launch.

Customers are able to record 600 hours of television programming, which EE claimed is twice as many as its rivals.

EE TV also comes with a range of features. ‘Multiscreen’ allows users to stream live and recorded content directly from the set-top box’s hard drive using a new remote app for iOS and Android. Up to four devices, including the home TV, tablets and smartphones, can stream different content at any one time.

‘Replay’ enables users to view the last 24 hours of TV from their favourite channels, and presents shows by genres or channels. The UI also highlights top picks for the day.

‘MultiRecord’ allows for up to four separate programmes to be recorded simultaneously. They are stored on the EE TV box, which offers space of up to 25 days of TV content.


The EE TV app lets viewers use their mobile or tablet as a touch remote. It allows them to navigate the programme guide and choose what they want to watch on their device without interrupting what is being shown on their TV screen. With an upward flick, they can transfer this to their TV screen.

The set-top box is made by French company Netgem, which is already in partnership with Orange. It has four HD tuners, a 1TB hard drive and dual-band WiFi.

According to Netgem’s website, the system lets up to four devices stream four different programmes simultaneously, and also record four programmes at the same time.