Three wholesale to offer sim-free OTT services


textPlus service Nextplus app first over-the-top service to be powered by the firm without a sim card

Three Wholesale is offering connectivity to over-the-top services that will allow them to provide calls and text messaging without the need for a physical SIM-card.

The Nextplus App, by OTT provider textPlus, is the first OTT service that will be powered by the wholesale provider and will benefit from Three’s virtual mobile number.

Nextplus is a messaging service that works over IP but attaches a phone number to a customer’s account. This number also allows communication through traditional mobile services as well as tablets and the iPod Touch.

Text messages will be received at the same time on all devices associated with the virtual number, giving customers a choice of which device to use at any given time.

Senders can also send messages to other users even if they are without an internet connection as the app can use the virtual number to connect with traditional mobile services.

Three Wholesale director Lynda Burton said: “The Nextplus partnership is yet another example of how Three continues to challenge the market and disrupt traditional models of connectivity.

“OTT services are growing rapidly and services like two-way calling without a SIM card will open up new opportunities for the international and roaming markets in particular. Nextplus recognises this and its fresh approach to connectivity makes it an exciting partner for Three Wholesale.”