O2 launches two new international data bolt-ons


Business customers will receive up to 200MB of data over a 24-hour period for £7.50, and given up to 2GB across 30 days for £120

O2 has launched two new international data bolt-ons for business customers, with the largest providing up to 2GB over a 30-day period.

They will be formally announced tomorrow at O2’s annual partner conference in London tomorrow, which will provide an update on the operator’s strategy for 2015. Both go live on the same day.

For £7.50, customers will receive up to 200MB of data to use outside of Europe within a 24-hour period. The second option will provide them with up to 2GB of data to use worldwide over a 30-day period for £120. This includes tethering to laptops and tablets.

The 24-hour bolt-on will be automatically added to any new business customers on standard tariffs from tomorrow. They will only be charged for the bolt-on when they leave the UK and if/when they use 50Kb or more data abroad. Customers can opt out at any time. with the amount of data available depending on the country.