More than a third of Three’s base now using 4G connectivity


3.1 million of operators customers have accessed the service as population coverage hits 48 per cent

More than a third of Three’s customer base (3.1 million) have used the network’s 4G connectivity since its launch a year ago.

Three had automatically migrated its total eight million customer base to a 4G contract by the end of March this year. The operator does not charge a premium for using the service.

A spokesperson for the operator told Mobile News that the 3.1 million customers referred specifically to the amount of customers who had accessed the connectivity.

Three launched its 4G service on December 4 last year but customers can only access the service with a compatible device and in an area that is covered by the connectivity. Despite being the last operator to market, Three is now firmly in the mix.

EE, which launched in September 2012, is the market leader in 4G with the operator having 5.6 million subscribers. O2 has around three million 4G subscribers and Vodafone has just 1.4 million subscribers. The latter two launched their networks in August 2013.

Three also confirmed that its 4G population coverage had hit 48 per cent and that it was on target for 98 per cent population coverage by the end of 2015. It will also be installing equipment at its masts to support low frequency 800MHz spectrum it owns, as part of its efforts to increase its indoor and rural coverage.

“The rollout of new capacity is progressing well and, most importantly for me, customer satisfaction is higher than ever,” said chief executive Dave Dyson. “With an advanced 3G network already in place all our customers are able to benefit from a reliable and high performing network.

“The addition of low frequency spectrum is just one part of our plans to expand Three’s coverage and bring our network to more people in more places in 2015.”