Enterprise’s clueless over unified comms benefits


Dell says business is ignorant about the Lync effect as it launches new unified communications analytics platform

Dell claims enterprises that are adopting unified communications systems have little or no insight into what cost savings or efficiencies they are achieving through the technology.

A recent Dell survey claims that 52 per cent of enterprises don’t know whether adoption of Microsoft Lync has met its cost saving goal.

Three out of five companies (62 per cent) said they had no way to easily report on the their cost savings through Lync deployment, despite more than half (53 per cent) of firms saying they deployed Lync to reduce their costs.

“It’s a really big issue – these things do take a lot of money and resources to deploy,” said Dell senior unified communications product architect Curtis Johnstone.

“There are a lot of costs and resources to deploy these products and when you go to compare the cost savings, it’s really difficult because how do you quantify collaboration as a cost saving?”

Johnstone was speaking to Mobile News following the launch of Dell Software’s Unified Communication Command Suite which allows firms who use Microsoft Lync and/or Exchange (e-mail platform) to tackle the issue.

It will provide real-time analytics on how a company’s unified communications infrastructure is being used. For example, if a company is trying to reduce its travel costs through the installation of Lync’s video collaboration software, it can segment which individuals and departments are actually using the software. Once a report is produced this can be calculated against its expenditure to calculate any cost savings.

“Unified communication analytics allows companies to drill easily into how their business is using UC solutions that are deployed in their organisations,” adds Johnstone.

“It’s all integrated with the corporate directory so a firm can see which group departments, users, and teams are adopting Lync over Exchange and which feature sets are being used. Getting that insight allows them to justify the investment they’re putting in and allows them to capacity plan going forward.”

The solution is scalable from 1,000 employees upwards. Heavy adopters of Lync below that threshold would see value in the product. It also includes enhanced security features allowing companies to govern exactly what information IT administrators have access to.