Excalibur slams interactive voice tech for poor customer experience


Swindon-based dealer says that automated voice technology is costing businesses money

B2B dealer Excalibur Communications has slammed Interactive Voice Response (IVR) technology and claimed it is hampering the growth of SMEs.

IVR is the automated telephone technology that allows users to choose different options when calling a company though using the keypad or the use of voice.

Excalibur claims it is leading to lost revenues as customers are frustrated and unhappy at the length of time it takes to speak to the right person. It is further being hampered by the

use of tactics such as charging to jump a queue which the firm describes as ‘downright devious’.

“Putting extra profit before healthy long term customer relationships is just not good enough in the modern connected world,” said chief commercial officer Andy Tow. We won’t entertain even the most basic IVR. We made a commitment that we will not introduce IVR and we’ll be keeping to that because we’re a people business”.

Tow claims that companies should focus on getting the customer the right answer

as quickly as possible rather than taking a short-term view of adding revenues through incoming calls.