100 jobs to be outsourced from O2’s call centres


Support service provider Capita confirms roles will be cut to save cash, with some being outsourced to India

More than 100 employees at O2 call centres are facing redundancy or redeployment after Capita decided to relocate some back office roles to India.

As part of an “operational review announcement”, Capita set out plans to outsource back office roles at its O2 call centres in Leeds, Bury, Preston Brook and Glasgow.

Capita says the review is about efficiencies and will help the firm respond to service level requirements set out in the 10 – year contract it signed with O2 parent company Telefonica in July last year.

The review was announced to staff on November 18, with Capita setting a deadline of December 2 for workers to decide if they wanted to be redeployed for unspecified roles, or take discretionary voluntary redundancy.

Customers ‘want it’

A Capita spokesperson said: “Improvements in service and changes in customer behaviour have shown a shift in the way customers want to engage with our business.

“In order to continue to enhance operational efficiency, we have made changes to the services delivered across our estate and the way we work on a day-to-day basis.

“There are no changes to people’s job security. A number of employees were invited to be considered for discretionary voluntary redundancy. We are continuing consultation with all parties concerned throughout the changes.”

A spokesperson from the CWU said it had “deep concern” over the decision to outsource the roles could force workers to take redundancies.

CWU assistant secretary Sally Bridge (pictured) said: “Our primary objective is to ensure that all those who decide that they don’t want to leave this company are offered a suitable alternative job.”

In 2013, the CWU threatened to strike after news broke that Capita was planning to shut its O2 customer service sites in Bury, Greater Manchester and Glasgow by the end of 2015.

Capita eventually reached an agreement with both O2 and the CWU to remain in the UK securing all jobs until the end of 2015.

O2 declined to comment.