StoreDot tech can charge smartphones in less than two minutes


Israeli tech firm exhibits battery that uses nanotechnology to majorly reduce charging time

A technology that can charge a mobile phone in less than two minutes was on display at CES 2015.

The prototype from Tel Aviv-based technology firm, StoreDot, uses nanotechnology (incredibly small particles) as the base for the product. The company counts Russian billionaire and owner of Chelsea FC, Roman Abramovich, among its investors.

According to its website, the technology uses ‘next-generation’ mobile batteries made from nanodots, which would replace the existing lithium ion batteries in use today. The design of the batteries allows them to receive the charge at a much faster rate than contemporary technology.

Prototypes of the charger have been previously shown but the company had admitted they were too bulky for commercialisation. However, the $50 million the company has raised in funding is allowing it to reduce the battery size ahead of a planned release of the product in 2016.

The latest version of the technology which showcased a significantly reduced battery size and charging port, was shown at CES 2015. It used a Samsung smartphone with the StoreDot battery attached externally at the expo. The company admits there is still work for it to do, to get its battery size comparable to that of the ones which appear in today’s smartphones ahead of their planned commercial release next year.

“We have reactions in the battery that are non-traditional reactions that allow us to charge very fast, moving ions from an anode to a cathode at a speed that was not possible before we had these materials,” StoreDot chief executive Doron Myersdorf told the corporation.

Particularly for business users, battery life is regularly named as the biggest gripe of phone users.

Dixons Carphone deputy chief executive officer Andrew Harrison, has previously said: “I tell every phone manufacturer stop putting in more features, sort battery life first. A phone with no battery is a dumb phone not smart.”