CCS Insight: Tablet sales will grow by 28 per cent in 2015


Analysts predict Windows devices set to benefit most as tablet market recovers from 2014 slowdown

Analysts CCS Insight has predicted that 2015 will see the tablet market turn around after a slow year for tablet sales last year.

As part of its Global Annual Tablet Forecast, CCS expects the tablet market to grow by 28 per cent this year, compared with just nine per cent growth in 2014.

That means tablet sales would rise from around 220 million in 2014 to 283 million by the end of this year. CCS predicts that by 2018, the tablet market will be 540 million units sold.

The market will be boosted by customers upgrading from aged tablets and more new users buying a device. CCS believes that a new wave of buyers in emerging markets will also boost sales, although 50 per cent of sales will be in North America and Western Europe.

Microsoft will boost market share

The biggest winner from the increasing tablet market could be Microsoft, according to CCS Insights director of forecasting Marina Koytcheva, who said that  investment in marketing and growing awareness of the Surface tablet could boost Windows market share. Screen Shot 2015-01-14 at 10.41.05

“We expect Android to continue dominating the low end and midrange market, with Apple taking the lion’s share of the high end,” said Koytcheva. “But Windows is gaining a bigger slice of the pie, albeit from a very low level, and should not be overlooked.”

Microsoft sales will be boosted by growth in the B2B market as more businesses adopt tablets into the work environment, with the launch of Windows 10.

Growing enterprise demand will also boost sales of iPads, according to the predictions, as Apple’s partnership with IBM helps to drive sales in B2B.

Between 2014 and 2018, the tablet market will have grown by 170 per cent, with 1.54 billion tablets in use. CCS predicts that 27 per cent of these tablets will be SIM-enabled, while 63 per cent of tablets sold will be below nine inches in size.