Survey finds Brits lacking basic smartphone security


Research from Insurance2Go reveals more than a third don’t protect their phone with a screen lock, with more than 57 per cent not installing anti-virus software  

British mobile customers are failing to protect their phone and taking numerous risks with smartphone security.

This is according to a survey by Insurance2Go of 1,018 people, which found 38 per cent don’t have phone locking measures in place and 57 per cent not having anti-virus software installed.

Nearly a quarter (23 per cent) of people polled have had their social media accounts accesses without their knowledge, with half of this group saying people have made posts on their behalf and one in six claiming intruders have used their accounts to buy items or access sensitive information.

Almost a third admitted to using the same password for different social media accounts, while nearly half (45 per cent) said they don’t log out of social networks. Less than half of people back up data stored on their phone.

Additionally, a PIN code was the most popular security feature (58 per cent) amongst those that do protect their phone, followed by passwords and fingerprint scanners.

Insurance2Go managing director Duncan Spencer said: “With so many people leaving themselves logged into social media 24/7 and not protected by a PIN unlock system, losing a phone can mean much more than missing a handset – it can leave you open to identity fraud.

“We urge smartphone users to lock their phones, log out of social sites and consider installing security software that helps track down stolen phones. We especially urge users to consider additional security measures such as SIM PIN facility to eliminate the risk of any unauthorised calls being made from their handset. These measures will make life that much tougher for criminals.”