EE customers to receive £1 million roaming rebate


‘Small’ number of customers had VAT added to bill in error when roaming outside of the EU

EE says it will refund around £1 million to a ‘small number’ of customers who were wrongly charged VAT over a two-year period.

About 0.5 per cent of EE’s customer base (135,000) were affected by the issue, according to a report on the BBC News website.

The refund relates to customers wrongly being charged VAT when they were roaming outside of the EU and used data between October 2012 and October 2014.

EE says that the money it received from customers went directly to HMRC and would now be repaid to customers. Refunds will be between £2-£80 per customer and will appear as credit on customer’s bills.

“Due to a configuration error in our billing system, made following a system change, a small number of customers were wrongly charged VAT on the data roaming bundle outside of Europe,” a spokesperson for the operator told the BBC.

“This was a mistake, and we are now refunding these charges and contacting affected customers to apologise for the error. We’ve claimed that money back from HMRC, and then it goes back to the customers.”