The fixed line phone is dying, long live the SIM Operated Deskphone!


Although it has been a fixture in homes and businesses for decades the fixed line phone system is in decline. Unlike other communication technologies, it hasn’t evolved at pace – in fact it as almost stagnated in terms of features and performance. In some parts of the developed world its relevance is waning: According to a report by the CDC in 2013, 41% of Americans surveyed said they did not have a landline telephone but used a wireless phone. Elsewhere, in areas of Scandinavia, the fixed line phone system is almost extinct.

In developing countries such as Africa, mobile phones have become the number one form of communication. It is difficult and costly to install a copper or fibre line infrastructure in regions dominated by large swatches of inhospitable terrain and much easier and cost effective to erect cellular towers. This trend of using mobile phones instead of fixed line phones appears to be spreading to other developed and developing regions around the world.

Today most households and organisations have a fixed line phone because they need the system to facilitate their broadband service – it has almost becoming a default services for homes and businesses. However, the emergence of next generation of fast mobile broadband has provided an alternative more flexible means for people to communicate from their living room or office. With generous minute bundle woven into their mobile tariff, people are turning to mobile and abandoning landline phones as their main source of communication. The Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) revolution in the business world confirms this shift.

This migration to mobile networks questions the relevance of the fixed line system but it doesn’t spell the demise of the deskphone. There is an alternative that combines the usability of a deskphone with the flexibility mobile phone – the SIM Operated Deskphone. Working off a virtual Private Automated Branch Exchange (PABX) network set up by the mobile operator, there are no hardwire installation costs required to set up. The phones can be moved from desk to desk, office to office, location to location easily and quickly.

SIM Operated Deskphones provide businesses with the benefits of a traditional phone with the cost effective flexibility of its mobile counterpart. It also offers mobile operators a growing business opportunity and a new revenue stream. As households and businesses look to unify their communications, SIM Operated Deskphones are becoming part of this new dynamic – at the expense of the outmoded fixed line phone.

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