EE to double franchise partners / 30 retail locations identified


Operator aiming to take franchise numbers to 80, whilst its direct store numbers could top 600 by the end of the year

EE plans to double the number of its retail franchise partners to 80 this year, the operator has confirmed.

The operator had 22 franchise partners as of January last year and had originally aimed for 100 by December but the rollout experienced unspecified delays but is again now actively speaking with potential partners.

“Franchise is important to us and we are looking for partners to grow,” said EE chief commercial officer Marc Allera Allera. “We are looking for a reasonable expansive increase in the programme. We have around 40 stores under our franchise programme today and to say we are looking to double that this year would be fair.”

Retail expansion 

Marc Allera, EE
Marc Allera, EE

Allera (pictured) also confirmed that EE, which currently has 580 direct retail stores has identified 30 new locations, a move which would potentially take its store count above 600. 

Allera said the stores would be a mix of new locations and consolidating others.

“We have been consolidating our store base where we have had any overlap, yet we have been expanding into more stores and cities than ever before. 2014 we increased the number of towns we were present in by 50, and we are looking expand even further this year. “We have our eye on 20-30 locations we are looking to expand into, but only if it makes sense.”