O2 selling refurbished tablets for £50 less than RRP


Refurbished iPad Mini 2, iPad Air and Samsung Galaxy Tab S 8.4 all available on cheaper deals

O2 is selling refurbished tablets for at least £50 less than the market RRP in addition to their existing re-used phone offering.

The UK’s second biggest operator will sell WiFi only tablets for at least £50 less than their usual retail price, while refurbished pay-month tablets will be available from £2 per month less than brand new equivalents.

The initial launch of the scheme today (February 13) will see refurbished models the iPad Mini 2, iPad Air and Samsung Galaxy Tab S 8.4 go on sale at the cheaper prices.

O2 will also expand the range to include tablets from Sony, Dell and Acer over the “coming weeks”. All devices include a standard returns policy and 24 month warranty, except forApple devices which come with 12 month warranty.

The refurbished stock is taken from devices that have been returned to O2 within the initial 14 days of purchase. The operator said it then restores the tablets to their original condition and performs testing to make sure they work.

The iPad Mini 2 refurb is available free on a 24 month contract starting at £22 per month. For pre-paid it costs £289.99. The Samsung is available for free on pay-monthly tariffs starting £27 per month, according to O2’s website.