Microsoft closing gap on Apple in B2B


Microsoft made up 25.6 per cent B2B sales in final quarter of 2014 – up from 21 per cent in Q3

Microsoft is closing the gap on Apple in the B2B market, according to figures from Canalys that Mobile News requested.

Devices from the US manufacturer made up 25.6 per cent of B2B sales in the final three months of 2014 – up from 21 per cent for the previous quarter. During Q2, Microsoft had 19 per cent of sales.

Apple is the clear market leader with around 29 per cent of sales in the quarter, but Microsoft’s share is continuing to grow, according to the data.

In June, Microsoft set out an ambitious target to become the number one most-used operating system in B2B within 12 months. Windows Phone UK director Leila Martine said it was targeting market share from across the board.