EE develops ‘world first app’ for London Air Ambulance


Operator claims that new app cuts time it takes to dispatch advanced trauma teams by up to two minutes

EE has worked with the London Air Ambulance to develop a new app that significantly cuts dispatch time for the emergency response units.

The app, which the operator says is the first of its kind, has been developed in partnership with developer, Mubaloo, and is part of a long-running relationship between the operator and London’s Air Ambulance.

The app works on tablets via EE’s 4G network with details of the incident and navigation details with real-time flight and route data provided almost instantaneously.

EE claims that it will cut response times for London Air Ambulances air units by up to two minutes and rapid response cars can be dispatched in as little as ten seconds. Currently, around 2,000 air ambulances are dispatched every year.

The development is part of EE’s Customised Apps programme where it works with Mubaloo to develop bespoke apps for businesses that fully integrate with their existing systems.

“Out of the 5,000 emergency calls that are received by the London Ambulance Service every day, we typically see six patients whose injuries are so critical that they need additional specialist treatment on-scene before they get to hospital,” said London Air Ambulance’s Dr. Gareth Grier.

“Even reducing the time we take to get to our patients by 10 seconds could, in some instances, mean the difference between life and death.”