Analysts reaction to Samsung Galaxy S6


Experts give their view on Samsung’s latest flagship, which was unveiled at “Unpacked” event at MWC yesterday

Industry experts have praised Samsung’s decision to ditch the plastic following the launch of its new Samsung Galaxy S6 flagship at Mobile World Congress yesterday.

Samsung unveiled the S6 and S6 Edge to more than 2,000 people at its Unpacked event held yesterday at the Centre de Convencions International de Barcelona.

The device will go on sale from April 10 and initially be available in 20 countries, although Samsung did not specify which. Details on pricing was also not revealed.

Tweeting from the event, CCS Insight chief of research Ben Wood labelled the decision to stick with plastic casing on the S5 a “misstep” and said that both the S6 and S6 Edge, which come with aluminium casing, were “winning products”.

Wood tweeted: “Samsung’s use of metal and glass addresses shortcomings of last year’s all-plastic Galaxy S5 – good move.

“Encouraging to hear from so many trusted contacts how much they like Galaxy S6 / S6 edge. Personally I think Samsung has made huge step fwd (sic).

“This is a key ways Samsung is exploiting curved edge. Its a pretty nifty feature. Better than some previous gimmicks.”

Plastic isn’t fantastic

uSwitch mobile analyst Rob Kerr also approved of the decision to switch to a metal case, but questioned whether the S6 Edge, which comes with the same curved display found in the Note Edge, is too gimmicky.

“Samsung has finally decided that plastic isn’t fantastic, with a welcomed move to a full-metal body flagship phone,” Kerr said.

“These waters are already tried and tested routes by the likes of HTC and Apple, where a cheaper looking handset just doesn’t cut it anymore in the premium mobile phone world.

“Samsung dipped its toes into the ‘unconventional looking phone pool’ last year with the curved screen Note Edge, and here it is again in the S6 Edge. Only this time, the dual curved display just seems too gimmicky, too niche, to really be a crowd pleaser.

“The Note Edge will likely be relegated to the heap with other ‘too cool for skool handsets’, such as the Amazon Fire phone and LG Flex. They have a following, but not a huge bite of the apple.

“But other features of the S6 Edge will still appease loyal Galaxy owners – such as the super-fast charging and better camera – all of which are also to be found in the standard S6, offering its customers more choice. These two new S6s have caught up with the current trends, and it looks like Samsung may now start to set some of its own.” analyst Abby Francis also commented on the launch of the Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge, labelling it as a “game change” for Samsung

“Samsung was overshadowed slightly by other flagship handsets in 2014,” Francis said. “Having carried out some serious redevelopment work, Samsung has created two handsets that pack in various new, much-needed features to increase user satisfaction. Wireless charging, Ultra AMOLED screen and much improved battery life will strike a chord with users and competitor brands alike. The unique curved screen should catch some eyes, too.”

Stunning-looking phone

Protect Your Bubble global director praised the PPI count on the S6, which comes in at a market-leading 556 pixels per inch.

He said: “By furnishing the Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge with more pixels per inch than any other flagship model on the market, Samsung is showing it understands the fine line between functionality and design, and the burning need to beat the flagship competition on at least one feature.

“The S6 Edge really is a stunning-looking phone, but that curved screen is more than just an aesthetic detail, glowing when face down to notify users of messages and calls, and making photos and videos appear 3D. That winning combination of beauty and functionality – that we normally see from Apple – makes the Edge a strong contender for the iPhone throne.”