Fujitsu develops new smartphone with next-gen authentication


Japanese camera-maker develops eye-scanning Iris authentication system  built in to prototype smartphone

Fujitsue has announced a new authentication system that scans a user’s iris in order to unlock their smartphone.

The new technology means that a phone can be unlocked just by looking at it and is being demonstrated in a prototype smartphone at Fujitsu’s booth at Mobile World Congress.

The japanese manufacturer said that the authentication method is difficult to forge and is more convenient than rival methods that include fingerprint scanners and pattern/passcode unlocks.

The biometric authentication uses infrared light to scan the pattern of a user’s iris (the ring around the pupil of the eye) and unlock the device instantly.

Each person’s iris is unique, much like a fingerprint, meaning that the system, which uses iris recognition engine ActiveIRIS from Delta ID, is also secure, according to Fujitsu.

The smartphone on display at MWC is just a prototype and Fujitsu said the technology is not just limited to phones, but could also be used in tablets and other security solutions.

Fujitsu Iris authentication
Fujitsu Iris authentication