ZTE launches Grand S3 with EyeVerify solution


Flagship device from Chinese manufacturer uses eye-scanning technology to unlock phone

ZTE has launched its latest flagship phone, the Grand S3, at an event at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.

The Grand S3 runs on Android 4.4 and is the first smartphone to include EyeVerify’s “Eyeprint ID” eye-scanning solution, according to ZTE.

Eyeprint ID uses the 8MP front-facing camera on the phone to image unique vein patterns in the user’s eye to securely unlock the device. ZTE said the functionality will also be integrated with mobile payments and other software.

It will also feature in all upcoming smartphones in the Grand range, which has sold more than five million units worldwide since its debut in 2013, according to ZTE.

The Grand S3 first made an appearance in China in January but has now had a few minor upgrades including improved cameras (16MP rear-facing) and the jump to Android 5.0.

It comes with 3,100mAh battery plus a $480 price tag The Grand S3 is already available in China and is expected arrive elsewhere in the near future, although ZTE did not disclose international release plans.