Carphone set to Splash out on water protection


Retailer ready to ink deal with Dragon’s Den star for water damage protection product

Mobile phone repair company Reviveaphone is on the verge of signing a deal with Carphone Warehouse for its latest product which provides handsets with protection for water damage.

Splash is a protective solution that is sprayed and wiped onto smartphones that will protect them against all forms of water damage apart from submersion.The deal with Carphone has been arranged through German distributor Strax.

It is the second product from the company headed up by 21 year-old Oliver Murphy who won a £50,000 investment on Dragons’ Den for Reviveaphone which repairs phones which have been water damaged. Splash is expected to be in Carphone Warehouse stores in April costing £14.99.

Tech used in jet engines

It has been on sale through for the past month and has sold 1,000 units.

“It’s a technology that is used in jet engines to stop rusting and we’ve tweaked it to make it specific to phones,” Murphy told Mobile News. “It lasts up to 12 months and will cover every scenario apart from submersion – you can’t take it for a swim but you could pour whatever you want over it and it would be fine.”

Turnover at the company has held steady at around £20,000 over the past six months as Murphy says that sales of Reviveaphone haven’t taken off as expected. However, the company has recently began shipping the product to Spain and Thailand and US distributor Shark Distribution has just placed an order for an additional 2,000 units.

Murphy says that Reviveaphone is a one-time use product and hopes that Splash will open up routes to every phone user who wants to take pre-emptive action against water damage.

“This is the other way around (to Reviveaphone) – Carphone Warehouse are looking to sell it with the new phone, a bit like a screen protector. You would buy this beforehand whereas you wouldn’t do that with Reviveaphone”