Panasonic launches MVNO aimed at M2M


Electronics provider wants to open up the internet of things with dedicated mobile network

Panasonic has announced its own MVNO which will help connect a range of machine-to-machine products for businesses.

The Japanese electronics manufacturer, best known for producing white label goods such as TVs, wants to provide customers and businesses with one point of contact for connectivity, hardware, software and customer service.

The first trials of its new technology were demonstrated at a press conference at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona yesterday.

The first product from the Japanese consumer electronics giant to utilise that network will be the Nubo, a 4G monitoring camera that is squarely aimed at businesses.

Panasonic has not disclosed who is providing the connectivity for its MVNO, but it did announce two M2M products that will launch with the service.

The remote projector and display monitoring allows visual products from the manufacturer to be monitored remotely by transmitting key performance data to the cloud. It is currently in use at Cardiff University.

It also announced Panasonic Heating and Cooling Solutions, which is currently being trialled in an unnamed leading supermarket chain across Europe.

Managing director of PSCEU Masaki Arizono said, “As one of the world’s leading electronics manufacturers, our new M2M network is the start of a strategic transformation.

“It is the first step in making our vast portfolio of products M2M capable, helping our customers to make their infrastructure and business processes intelligent. The results for our customers are simple network infrastructure, less capital tied up in stock, and improved customer service.”