Blancco launches new diagnostic & data erasure tools


Blancco 5 Mobile Diagnostics and Blancco 5 Mobile data erasure software aimed at operators & recyclers

Data erasure specialists Blancco has launched two new products aimed at diagnostics and data erasure on mobile devices.

Blancco, which was purchased by recycling firm Regenersis for €60 million in March, displayed its Blancco 5 Mobile Diagnostics and Blancco 5 Mobile tools at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona last week.

The diagnostic tool allows a technician to perform more than 50 automated tests on five mobile devices at a time, including tests on audio, display, signal, connectivity, power and performance. It works on all variants of Android and iOS.

“Our unique mobile products simultaneously handle multiple mobile devices and provide detailed reports on device health and data removal status, offering end-to-end automation of what were typically manual and labor intensive tasks,” said Blancco managing director Kim Väisänen.

“Blancco 5 Mobile Diagnostics eliminates subjective hardware health assessments with a range of automated tests, while Blancco 5 Mobile surpasses factory resets with technology that automatically removes all user data.”

Blancco 5 Mobile allows one workstation to simultaneously erase data form up to 50 devices and also works on Android and iOS. It can completely remove all data from the device without harming the operating system.