Chelsea App creates “snooze” app for Comic Relief


Business apps provider partners with Comic Relief to raise money for charity

Chelsea Apps Factory has created an app that allows people to donate to Comic Relief every time they hit the snooze button on their mobile phone.

The iCukoo app, available as a free download from the Apple and Google Play stores, will charge the user a fee every time they use the snooze button.

Users can set the amount they wish to donate each time between 10p and £1 and their preferred snooze interval of between one minute and half an hour.

10 snoozes at 20p could pay for an elderly person in the UK with dementia to attend a weekly support group, while five snoozes at 50p could pay for a mosquito net to protect a child in Uganda.

This year’s event takes place onFriday (13 March) when members of the public are being encouraged to ‘Make Your Face Funny for Money’. A live show will also be broadcast on BBC1 from 7PM.

Comic Relief raises money to help change the lives of poor, vulnerable and disadvantaged people in the UK and across Africa. It has raised more than £950 million for good causes since its inception 30 years ago.

“There are lots of ways to get involved this Red Nose Day and now you can do your bit by doing nothing more than having a quick snooze. It means everyone can help make a difference,” said Comic Relief head of corporate fundraising Anne-Cecile Berthier.


  1. This app has a very neat design although I personally prefer WakeOrDonate’s charitable alarm clock. Both apps follow a similar concept although WakeOrDonate also allows you to track sleep statistics and offers a larger selection of charities that you can donate to.
    I read up a little about it and it turns out WakeOrDonate actually won a prize from the telecommunications company, TalkTalk, earlier this year for their innovative work.
    I use WakeOrDonate religiously but I still lie-in far too often!