British entreprenuer Dyson invests in long-life battery technology


Businessman invests in technology that could lead to longer battery life for smartphone users

British vacuam cleaner entreprenuer James Dyson is to invest $15 million in a battery company which claims it could double the life of a smartphone battery.

Sakti3, an extension of the University of Michigan’s engineering department, claims it has created a product with an energy density of double the traditional lithium ion batteries in use today.

Dyson joins a list of investors in the company which include General Motors with the deal meaning that the technology will be commercially available first in Dyson products. It is thought GM are interested in the battery’s application in electric vehicles.

However, with smartphone battery life the biggest irritation for smartphone users, the technology would be widely welcomed in the mobile industry.

“Sakti3 has achieved leaps in performance which current battery technology simply can’t,” said Dyson founder James Dyson. “It’s these fundamental technologies – batteries, motors – that allow machines to work properly.

“The Sakti3 team has amazing ambitions, and their platform offers the potential for exponential performance gains that will supercharge the Dyson machines we know today.”

Sakti3 founder and chief executive Dr. Ann Marie Sastry added: “There is a great deal of knowledge and passion on both sides, and Dyson’s engineering team has the capability and the track record to scale up new ideas and make them a commercial reality.”