Vodafone cancels £15k bill after three-hour sit in


Customer was mistakenly sent massive bill after switching tariff but operator agreed to cancel after protest at Newbury HQ

Vodafone has cancelled a customer’s £15,000 bill after he staged a three-hour sit in at the operator’s Newbury headquarters.

According to a report on the Western Morning News, businessman Edward Martin received the massive bill after changing tariff but was unable to get the invoice cancelled after an eight-hour call with Vodafone’s customer service team.

Instead, Martin drove two hours from his home in Devon to Vodafone’s Newbury HQ and staged a three hour sit-in, refusing to leave until Vodafone cancelled the bill.

Eventually, the operator agreed to discard the inflated invoices, which totalled £14,949.41, after he refused to leave a seat in the retail shop in the foyer of Vodafone’s main office.

The newspaper quotes Martin as saying: “I have been a Vodafone customer for 21 years with no trouble. But in December they called me to say they had made a mistake and they would recalculate my bill.

“But they never called me back and never let me know in writing what my new tariff was. All they want is for me to pay up but I’m not going to because they have made a mistake, not me.

After being told by a member of staff that it would be resolved within three days, the Vodafone customer took a seat and refused to leave until the bill was cleared.

“I said this was unacceptable and I feared they were just giving me the run-around like they’ve been doing for the past four months,” Martin added.

“I thought nothing would be resolved by Friday so I told him I would wait there until then. He told me I could not do that so I sat firmly on a chair and told him to call security.

“He disappeared to the office and one hour later the headquarter store assistant manager appeared and told me that the whole bill would be cleared immediately.

“About 15 minutes later I was on my way with a letter confirming that my overcharge had been cleared and a copy of my correct contract.”

A Vodafone spokesperson confirmed the story, blaming an “internal communications error”, and said the customer’s bill had now been wiped.