O2 to launch £8.4m advertising campaign for Refresh tariff


Campaign will celebrate second anniversary of Refresh tariff as operator “halves bills” by removing handset cost

O2 will launch an £8.4 million advertising campaign – one of its biggest ever – to celebrate the second anniversary of its Refresh tariff.

The campaign, which will include TV, digital out of home, mobile, press and social advertising, will highlight the fact that O2 will automatically reduce the bills of 1.5 million customers over the next 12 months.

The Refresh tariff, which launched in April 2013, splits customers bills in to two charges – one for the airtime and one for the handset. After 24 months, the cost for the handset is dropped automatically, unless the customer upgrades.

O2 said this means that up to 1.5 million customers could see their bills halved in the next year, as they only have to pay for their airtime, giving an average saving of £18 per month.

The ad campaign will run from March to May and will feature O2’s cat – from its “Be more dog” line of advertisements – having fun on a brightly lit street compared to a sad cat in a dull grey world. Headlines will include “Facepalm or High five”, “Grrr or Woof” and “Sourpuss or Top dog”.

Locations for the advertising, which will appear from today (March 19) include London’s Waterloo station.

“We’re passionate about saving our customers money and helping them get the best out of their technology,” said O2 maerketing and consumer director Nina Bibby. “O2 Refresh epitomises this and we’re going all out to celebrate so many of our customers automatically getting their bills halved.”