CCS: 79pc of homes will have multiplay bundle by 2019


Analyst predicts 16 million homes will have a bundle of three or more services by the end of next year, while homes signing up to all four services will quadruple by 2020

Eight in ten homes will have a multiplay bundle by the end of 2019, buying two or more services such as telephone, broadband, pay-TV and mobile from one provider.

This is according to a new multiplay services forecast by research firm CCS Insight, which claimed 2016 is set to be a pivotal year for the UK’s telecom market thanks to market consolidation and a growing appetite for multiplay services among consumers.

By the end 2016, CCS Insight predicts more than 16 million UK homes will have a bundle of three or more services whilst by the end of 2019, the number of homes signed up for a package of four services will have more than quadrupled from last year to 4.6 million by the end of 2019.

It said further market consolidation is very likely over the next two years as a result of competitive pressure and significant demand from consumers for multiplay services. In addition, as providers fill the gaps in the range of services they offer, most major telecom companies will be able to bundle several services into a variety of attractive packages and sell them to their existing and new customers.

CCS Insight director of multiplay and media Paolo Pescatore said: “Our surveys reveal that consumers find it more convenient and better value to buy broadband, mobile, TV and land-line access from one company, so established providers that can offer all these services are in a strong position.

“Once multiplay packages are the norm, it’ll be the exclusive content on offer that’ll set providers apart. It’s little wonder we’re seeing a frenzy of acquisitions as leading players scramble to secure assets.”