RugGear UK issues unusual product recall


Fault discovered with rugged manufacturer’s RG100 device when it comes into contact with German beer

Rugged manufacturer RugGear Uk has been forced into an embarrassing product recall after discovering that one of its handsets has developed an allergy to German beer.

The company’s entry-level RG100 handset’s casing melts (see picture) and turns to goo when it comes into contact with specific types of the German beverage.

RugGear says it has no idea how the fault passed its “tight quality control” and says it was only discovered at Mobile World Congress last month.

“We first noticed this a few weeks ago at MWC where quite a lot of Germany beer was consumed on our stand and someone left the RG100 in a pint of beer while demonstrating how waterproof the phone is,” said sales director Stephen Westley.

“Customers can find out if their phone is effected by entering *#looflirpa# into the keypad. The phone will come up with 01042015 if it is a faulty batch. Any customer who does have a faulty phone will be given a free replacement and a case of quality Germany Beer.

“Our handsets are made to the highest standards and we have no idea how this batch of phones have leaked passed our tight quality control. We apologise for any inconvenience and promise this will not happen again.”