EE scores another Rootmetrics win


Operator is top-ranked network in both Heathrow and Gatwick

EE has scored another win in Rootmetrics mobile network performance testing, this time at Heathrow and Gatwick airports.

EE was the best network for overall performance (speed and reliability) achieving ‘RootScores’ of 96.7 at Heathrow and 97.2 at Gatwick.

Vodafone was second at both airports with scores of 84.6 and 86.5 respectively. Three was joint third at Heathrow with O2, both achieving scores of 84.2. The former took third spot at Gatwick with 80.5 with the latter trailing in last place with 74.

EE was the fastest of the four major UK networks at Heathrow with an average download speed of 31.2 Mbps leaving Three (4.64Mbps), O2 (3.84Mbps) and Vodafone (3.3Mbps) trailing.

EE also had the fasted average upload speeds with 18.06Mbps followed by Vodafone (2.05Mbps), Three (1.7Mbps) and O2 (1.47Mbps).

At Gatwick, EE was top again with an average download speed of 20.4Mbps and an upload speed of 17.85Mbps. It was followed by Vodafone (5.68Mbps and 0.94Mbps), Three (3.2Mbps and 1.57Mbps) and O2 (2.4Mbps and 1.57Mbps).

“Travellers in the UK can now get a better idea of the mobile internet performance while travelling or during delays at the UK’s two busiest airports,” said Rootmetrics chief executive officer Bill Moore.

“Our testing at Heathrow and Gatwick showed impressive performances from multiple operators, especially EE, which had the fastest speeds and won the RootScore Award at both airports.

“Internet access in airports has become a business essential and a consumer assumption. Travellers expect to be able to get online easily, whether it’s for work or entertainment purposes, and travellers now have accurate, unbiased information to help them to get the most out of their mobile internet performance at Heathrow and Gatwick.”