Sony launches new global brand positioning


Platform with the strapline ‘Everyday Extraordinary’ goes live today via an integrated above-the-line marketing campaign

Sony Mobile has launched its new global brand positioning with the strapline ‘Everyday Extraordinary’ alongside an integrated above-the-line marketing campaign.

The aim is to clearly demonstrate how consumers can use the technology in a Sony product to its full potential and features real customers of the manufacturer which begin with the tagline ‘I can’.

Sony said it found these users by searching its own Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube channels to identify those that have voiced appreciation for the brand.

Film content will be seeded by one full 80 second advert and seven separate 20 second adverts to demonstrate seven key benefits found on Sony products.

One features a fashion blogger and DJ that shows how she can ‘stay awake for days’ in reference to the Xperia handset’s two-day battery life. In another, a voiceover reads ‘I can survive underwater’ and shows a customer underwater as a way of communicating the phones’ waterproof design.

The other five experiences making up the seven are: hi-res audio, low-light photography, Smartwear technology, digital noise cancelling technology and PS4 Remote Play, which allows gamers to connect their Xperia device to their PS4 via home WiFi and use the DUALSHOCK 4 Wireless Controller to play games anywhere at home.

The films, which premiere on YouTube today and will roll out globally throughout the Spring, will be accompanied by seven posters which carry the same messaging.

Sony Mobile chief commercial officer Dennis van Schie labelled this platform “bold and differentiated”, adding it showcases the “immersive and creative experiences that our best-in-class products deliver.”