Vodafone rolls out mobile solution at Bucks NHS Trust


Operator claims community nursing staff are able to make two extra visits per day by implementing the latest solution

Vodafone has deployed a ‘total mobility solution’ at Buckinghamshire Healthcare NHS Trust to improve the efficiency and quality of its remote care teams.

The operator is working in partnership with healthcare solutions supplier Total Mobile to give the Trust’s 400-strong community nursing staff access to patient records and information on the move.

Staff can remotely access and update patient records, as well as review policies and ‘critical data’ as the solution is integrated into the Trust’s patient record system. They can also talk patients through treatment plans and equipment using visual aids on their mobile devices.

Vodafone claims that the efficiencies created through the use of the new system that nursing staff are able to make an additional two appointments each day.

“Offering patients the flexibility and convenience of being treated from home is an essential part of quality care today,” said Vodafone UK head of health Paul Morton.

“But as patient numbers grow, NHS Trusts are also under pressure to be more efficient. Technology and communications are important assets in making sure health workers can provide the highest level of care in the field.”