Samsung facing supply issues with S6 edge


Flagship devices go on sale today but manufacturing issues with curved screen could lead to stock shortage

Challenges with manufacturing the curved screen could lead to shortages in the Samsung Galaxy S6 edge, according to Samsung’s head of mobile JK Shin.

The edge, which goes on sale alongside the Samsung Galaxy S6 today, has seen record demand according to Shin but the Korean manufacturer could struggle to meet demand, he warned.

This was down to difficulties in manufacturing the curved screen found on the edge, he explained at a media event yesterday.

Samsung is “working hard to resolve the difficulty in supply,” but yields could be low “for a while,” he is quoted as saying.

The devices were launched during Mobile World Congress in Barcelona at Samsung’s Unpacked event on March 1 and went on sale today in 20 countries, including the UK.

Previous reports from Korea had suggested carriers had placed around 20 million orders for the S6 devices.

The edge comes with a curved screen which can be used to add favourite contacts as well as giving notifications when the phone is faced down.

Both smartphones have a 5.1 inch screen and are 6.8mm thick, with 16MP rear-facing cameras and five megapixel snappers on the front.

The S6 has a 2,500AH battery (2,600AH on the S6 edge) and both run two quad core processors (2.1GHz and 1.5 GHz).

Both devices are available from all four operators, as well as Carphone Warehouse, from today.