EE runs out of Power (Bars) until June


Operator says it has issued one million power bank codes to customers in under four days

EE will not have more Power Bars in stock until June, the operator confirmed, after handing out more than a million codes for the charging solutions to customers in just four days.

The rewards scheme launched on Thursday morning but many stores had ran out by the following day as reported by Mobile News.

EE has confirmed that uptake of the Bars, which Mobile News understands are supplied by Kondor, had been “incredible” and has delayed the next wave of Power Bars until June 24.

The operator said customers who have already texted “Power” to 365 during the first few days of the scheme will still be able to collect their power bank. EE advised anyone who hadn’t received a code yet to wait until the scheme reopens in June.

The in store swap scheme – which allows customers to swap their empty Power Bar for a fully charged one – is also up and running.

A spokesperson for EE said: “We’re delighted by the incredible response for Power Bars from our customers, with one million requests in just four days. We had five times more requests in the first 24 hours of the promotion than even the most popular smartphone launch in the UK and visits to store were up as much as 300 per cent over the weekend.

“While we fulfil the first one million orders, we’re going to take a short power pause to replenish stock.  We can assure customers more power bars are on the way for the second release at the end of June.  For those that have already received their Power Bar the in-store swap scheme is up and running.”