EE finishes bottom in UK network recommendation survey


Tesco Mobile tops mobile sector on Satmetrix UK Net Promoter benchmark, with Vodafone last for internet

EE is the worst ranked network for net promotor score (NPS) according to a benchmark test from Satmetrix, with Vodafone last for its internet services.

NPS, which is ranked on how likely a customer is to recommend a business to friends or family on a scale of one to ten, is a recognised industry standard.

It divides rankings into those who give nine or ten (Promoters), those who give a seven or eight (Passives) and Detractors, who score one to six. The score is calculated by taking the percentage of Promoters and subtracting the percentage who are Detractors to give an NPS score.

EE scored lowest for cellular phone service with -7, compared with +38 for Tesco Mobile who came top. Three were runner-up with +16, followed by O2 (+9), Virgin (+7) and Vodafone (-1). Screen Shot 2015-04-22 at 10.22.50

For the study, Satmetrix spoke to around 300 customers for each brand (1,784 altogether) across the UK between January 12 and February 17.

“We are pleased to announce Net Promoter Benchmark reports for the UK this year, replicating our research in the US, which has become a crucial resource for companies looking to get ahead of the competition with their customer experience” said Satmetrix head of data science Brendan Rocks.

“The Net Promoter leaders are more likely to enjoy high customer retention, lower customer acquisition costs, and ultimately benefit from more sustainable growth. Many of the companies at the bottom of the rankings have huge potential to improve, and Satmetrix’s research brings to light the areas of the customer experience where they lag competitors.”

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Internet providers

Satmetrix also carried out a benchmark in to NPS for internet providers which included both broadband and mobile broadband, with Vodafone finishing bottom with -18.

EE was just ahead with an NPS score of -17, while Plusnet came out on top with an NPS score of +37.

Virgin Media was second with +9, followed by Sky (+5), O2 (-4), BT (-7), Talk Talk (-12) then EE and Vodafone.

Again, Satmetrix spoke with around 300 customers for seven of the eight internet provider, except Vodafone, where only 111 users were polled. Overall, 2,083 UK users were asked to rate how much they would recommend the brands to a colleague or friend.

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