EE tops London City Airport mobile internet tests


Operator completes hat-trick of wins at UK airports after achieving download and upload speeds of 16.14Mbps and 26.24Mbps respectively

EE has been ranked as the top-performing network for mobile internet performance at London City Airport.

This is according to the latest report from mobile analytics company RootMetrics, which conducted the tests on March 27.

It measured how reliably and quickly each network was able to download and upload data, perform email tasks and handle files that represent elements of a web pag or application, among others.

Results were distilled from thousands of independent, consumer-focused tests into ‘RootScores’ to enable people to compare the networks.

EE topped the table with a RootScore of 98.8 after achieving download speeds of 16.14Mbps and upload speeds of 26.24Mbps.

This completes a hat-trick of victories at UK airports for EE, which also won the RootMetrics award for mobile internet performance during recent testing at Heathrow and Gatwick.

At Heathrow from March 24-26, EE achieved a RootScore of 96.7 with download speeds of 31.22Mbps and upload speeds of 18.06Mbps. At Gatwick on March 10, it achieved a RootScore of 97.2 with speeds of 20.4Mbps and 17.85Mbps respectfully.

O2 was second in the London City Airport testing with a RootScore of 93.2 after achieving download and upload speeds of 7.17Mbps and 6.45Mbps respectively.

They were followed by Three with a RootScore of 92.8 (4.51Mbps and 10.21Mbps) and Vodafone with 90.9 (6.52Mbps and 6.04Mbps).

RootMetrics CEO Bill Moore said: “Travellers in the UK can now get a better idea of mobile internet performance while travelling and during delays at the UK’s busiest airports.

“Our testing at London City showed impressive performances from multiple operators, especially EE, which recorded the fastest median download and upload speeds, while winning its third consecutive Mobile Internet RootScore Award to date at a UK airport.”