Redeem receives environmental accreditation


Recycling company recognised for reduction in carbon emissions and waste management

Mobile recycling company Redeem has received two accreditations from the Carbon Trust recognising its UK environmental performance over the past year.

The company was awarded the Carbon Trust Standard for a reduction in its carbon emissions and the Carbon Trust Waste Standard which recognises improvements in its waste management practices.

The company achieved a 31.6 per cent reduction in its carbon footprint relative to its turnover during the reporting period.

Redeem also implemented a number of other measures including investment in carbon reduction, engagement with its supply chain, an up to date CSR policy, raising environmental awareness among staff, waste reduction targets and more.

“We have worked hard to make our company as resource efficient as we can and made meaningful changes to help achieve that,” said Redeem chief executive officer Claes Svensson.

“We look forward to maintaining our certifications to the Carbon Trust Standard and continuing to develop a company culture that supports those aims.”

Redeem refurbished or recycled 1.9 million handsets in 2014 handing back £65 million to customers.