Samsung running low on Gold S6 and S6 edge supplies


Manufacturer increases production of gold variants of new flagship to meet

Samsung has increased production of Galaxy S6 and S6 edge handsets in gold platinum with one in four customers requesting this colour variant.

The manufacturer says the demand has led to gold stock selling out or near selling out in most European markets. The handset also comes in black sapphire and white pearl.

Samsung says it has been “surprised” by demand for gold and that consumers tastes are now changing when it comes to the colour of their handset.

“For several years, black and white smartphones were the colours of choice for mobile trend setters,” said UK and Ireland vice president IT and mobile Conor Pierce. “However, based on the early feedback we are getting from the market, consumers are becoming much more extroverted in their colour preferences.

“Since the Galaxy S6 and S6 edge went on sale last month, we have seen similar demand for Gold Platinum as our more traditional White Pearl and Black Sapphire colour options. We have been surprised by the reaction from the market, which means we are having to intensify our production of Gold Platinum to keep up with demand.”