Not adopting 4G stifles business performance


Research by YouGov on behalf of Vodafone found nearly two-thirds of businesses do not have 4G

64 per cent of businesses does not have 4G services while 41 per cent of those without it have no plans to adopt it, according to a survey carried out on behalf of Vodafone.

YouGov spoke to more than 1,200 senior decision makers from British businesses and found cost was the largest barrier to 4G adoption.

The survey, which was carried out from February 19-26, found that only 24 per cent of SMEs have 4G, compared with 39 per cent of larger businesses.

According to Vodafone UK director of enterprise Phil Mottram (pictured), there is a significant knowledge gap around the benefits of the speedier connection technology.

He said:“Whilst the perception of cost is still stopping businesses from taking the step towards 4G, the significant knowledge gap of what it can offer UK businesses is a challenge.

“With customers’ expectations on service delivery and responsiveness at an all-time high, we have committed ourselves to making 4G more accessible and affordable.”

51 per cent of the business leaders said they had benefitted from the increased speed for data transfers, while 43 per cent said it allowed them to respond quicker to customers and suppliers. 42 per cent cited better remote working as another benefit of 4G.

YouGov said that the majority of businesses asked who had not yet adopted the service also perceived these as some of the key benefits. 41 per cent said downloading, transferring and accessing data-heavy content is important to their businesses, while most said speed (95 per cent) and capacity (97 per cent) were key factors. Phil-Mottram-web

Mottram added: “Despite the growing availability and affordability of 4G devices and services, the lack of a true understanding of the benefits that the technology can bring, as revealed by this survey, is undeniably holding enterprises back from reaping the rewards of introducing 4G to their business.

“This barrier is also preventing businesses from gaining an advantage over their competitors here and abroad in the increasingly competitive global marketplace.”