European operators plan to block online ads


According to reports mobile carriers will block Google’s advertising software on networks

Mobile operators in Europe are planning to introduce technology to block advertising on their networks, according to a report.

Quoting an unnamed source at a European wireless carrier, the Financial Times claims that blocking software in mobile data centres could be activated by the end of the year.

The software, designed by Israeli startup Shine, will prevent most advertising from web pages loaded on smartphones and tablets, bringing operators into direct conflict with online services companies such as Google who generate revenue through advertising.

According to figures from research group eMarketer, the global marketing spend on mobile has almost trebled in the last two years to $69 million.

Shine said it was working with several major operators, including one with around 40 million subscribers, although it did not disclose who these were.

According to the FT, one executive at an unnamed operator said several carriers were looking at ways to block advertisers, and could introduce a plan known as “the bomb” which would target Google specifically.

“The bomb” would prevent Google’s ads from working on mobile devices in an attempt to force the US firm to give up a share of its $60 billion revenues.

Google has claimed it would be unreasonable for providers to block mobile adverts, arguing: “People pay for mobile internet packages so they can access apps, video streaming, webmail and other services.

“Many of these services are funded by ads and Google and other companies invest heavily in developing them.”