Xiaomi will launch Mi store in UK this week


Chinese manufacturer will launch online store tomorrow according to Facebook page

Chinese manufacturer Xiaomi will launch a beta trial of its online Mi store in the UK tomorrow (May 19).

An announcement on its Facebook page said it will start selling some of its range of accessories, including fitness tracker the Mi Band, power banks and headphones in the US and UK.

The Chinese firm was founded in 2010 and last year generated revenue of more than $12 billion (£7.65 billion), with more than 60 million handsets sold.

“For the first time ever, fans in the US, UK, France and Germany can shop on mi.com and purchase star accessories like the 5000mAh and 10400mAh Mi power banks, Mi Band and Mi Headphones,” said the post on Xiaomi’s Facebook Page.

Xiaomi did not disclose whether it will be selling handsets but Xiaomi vice president of internation Hugo Barra said the company will start selling phones and tablets in the US sometime this year.

The sale begins tomorrow at midday in the UK.