EE to continue as Glastonbury Festival partner for third year


Official tech and comms partner to keep festival-goers connected with two Power Bar Exchange points and will again install six masts on-site to strengthen 4G signal 

EE is to continue as the official technology and communications partner to Glastonbury Festival for the third year running.

There will be two ‘Power Bar Exchange’ points on site this year which will be able to accommodate over 200,000 Power Bar swaps from June 24-28.

The EE Power Bar was launched at last year’s festival as an alternative to traditional charging. Users can charge their phone on the go with the bar and when that runs out of power, swap it for a fully charged one at the designated sites.

Anyone wanting to take advantage of this must have an official EE Power Bar and will need to register for a special wristband by June 7. This will allow user one swap per day. All Glastonbury-goers will be contacted directly on May 26 to confirm the details of this process.

EE director of brand Spencer McHugh said: “Our Power Bar phone charging initiative began at Glastonbury in 2014 and proved so popular that we launched it last month as a year-round loyalty scheme for all customers.  We received over a million requests in just four days, so to say there is huge demand for this simple charging solution is an understatement, and at festivals the need for a fully-charged phone is even greater.

“Last year, we know customers uploaded the equivalent of 1.5 million pictures during the festival and downloaded 2.5 terabytes of data, which is the same as 650,000 headlining tracks. To meet this demand we are rolling out the EE Power Bar swap scheme on an unprecedented scale.”

Traditional charging in the EE Recharge tent, which is free to all, will also be available on-site for the third year running. EE is also installing six mobile masts to strengthen 4G signal, and they are expected to carry over three terabytes of data across the weekend.

EE is also working alongside Glastonbury Festival to update the official festival app with a new look and features. It will be available in June when details will be made available. Last year, the app was accessed over three million times with a total of nearly nine years’ of combined usage.