Ericsson testing 5G in USA and Sweden


Telecoms manufacturer using a van acting as a mobile device trialling 5G test networks in two countries ahead of the technology’s rollout in 2020

Ericsson is testing 5G technology outdoors in Sweden and the USA via a series of test networks and a van which acts as a mobile device (pictured).

The telecoms infrastructure specialists have been trialling a number of 5G base stations in the field using a 5G mobile device which is the size of the van’s luggage rack. It is reporting speeds of 2Gbps during the tests of the technology which is expected to rollout globally in 2020.

The trial is also testing the higher bandwidth and lower latency that will be required of the technology, so as it can cope with the Internet of Things (connecting everyday devices).

Ericsson says it is achieving higher reliability and bandwidth by connecting the 5G device to multiple 5G cells at once, whereas a 4G device connects to a single cell. This ‘multi-point’ connectivity allows the 5G device to retain a high-quality connection.

“High-speed, highly reliable mobile networks are foundational to the tactile internet and the internet of skills that it will enable,” said Kings College London chair professor of wireless communications and head of the Centre for Telecommunications Research.

“The results that are being achieved in Ericsson’s live 5G test networks — much faster data rates, more resilient connections- are critical to unleashing the new use cases that will drive 5G.”