Xiaomi hires B2X to oversee customer services in UK


Chinese manufacturer launched Mi store last week selling accessories including wearables, headphones and battery packs

Xiaomi has partnered with customer care company B2X to provide aftersales support to customers buying its products from the Mi Store, which launched in the UK last week.

The Chinese manufacturer launched an array of accessories in the UK, Germany and France but has yet to release any of its smartphones, which sold 61 million devices worldwide last year.

B2X will provide end-to-end support for Xiaomi customers buying its accessories, which include powerbanks, heapdhones and wearables.

It will also provide door-to-door services – picking up devices directly from consumer locations, transporting them to repair sites, recycling defective devices and shipping replacement products to customers.

“We are thrilled to partner with Xiaomi,” said B2X CEO Thomas Berlemann. “We plan to leverage our technology and global Smart Service Platform to create a seamless entrance for them into the European markets and provide the best-in-class service offerings to their customers.”

Xiaomi launched in 2010 by Chinese entrepreneur Lei Jun and last year became the leading manufacturer in China by market share with 12.5 per cent of shipments, according to IDC.

It has also became one of the leading manufacturers in India, gaining 1.5 per cent market share in just five months of last year.

Xiaomi global vice president Hugo Barra said: “With B2X’s global reach and local on-the-ground expertise, we will be able to offer superior after sales service to our customers in Europe.

“The unique technology and smart service platform offered by B2X will help us adapt to customer needs quickly and effectively in this new, critical market.”