Vodafone to add 22 new countries to WorldTraveller package


Additions on June 15, which will include Barbados, El Salvador, Jamaica and Trinidad and Tobago, extends number of available destinations to 30

Vodafone is adding 22 countries to its WorldTraveller package in a move that will see the number of destinations extend to 30.

On June 15, countries including Barbados Bridgetown), El Salvador (San Salvador), Jamaica (Kingston) and Trinidad and Tobago (Port of Spain) will join the eight announced alongside the launch of World Traveller last July.

These were Australia (Canberra), Egypt (Cairo), Ghana (Accra), India (New Delhi), New Zealand (Wellington), Qatar (Doha), South Africa (Pretoria) and the USA (Washington D.C.).

Vodafone WorldTraveller enables the mobile operator’d customers to use their UK minutes, texts and data for £5 per day in the capital city of the country they are visiting.

Customers are only charged on the day they use their phone and if they exceed their UK monthly allowance, they will be charged Vodafone’s standard UK rates.