BT CEO: EE deal could lead to more consolidation

BT chief executive Gavin Patterson

Gavin Patterson tells Q&A £12.5 billion deal to buy UK’s biggest operator could lead to more dealmaking in Europe and beyond

BT CEO Gavin Patterson has said its £12.5 billion acquisition of the UK’s largest mobile operator EE could lead to other operators consolidating across Europe.

Speaking at a question and answer session in London this morning, Patterson said that with 400 operators across the continent, there is “scope for consolidation” but the “scale and removal of complexities in the market structure” are imperative for investment.

Speaking at IDATE’s DigiWorld Yearbook 2015 launch at BT Tower yesterday (June 1), the CEO added: ““We are putting two units back together again.

“It was all about finding the right moment to come back together to create scale and meet the needs of the customers.”

According to reports, Patterson also took time to praise regulator Ofcom for focusing regulation around what boosts the economy, leading to some of the lowest prices in the world, “significantly lower than the US”.

“An awful lot has worked extremely well and we don’t need change for the sake of change,” he added, calling on the regulator to remove bureaucracy to “create an even more dynamic market”.